Payot Paris
Brand Movie
Inspired by the gestures created by Nadia Payot, we created a parallel between SPA treatments and daily gestures.

The Movie

Our idea

The language of beauty is a fundamentally body language.
We wanted to translate visually this language by creating a parallel between professional skincare gestures and gestures punctuating our daily life highlighting the expertise created by Nadia Payot, inspired by dance movements.


Art Director, Copywritting

at Zorba Paris
for Lancôme Paris

Zorba Paris Credit List

Director: Éric Rebut
DOP: Thomas Collard
Creative Direction: Nans Noiron, Mathias de Garidel

Production & Post-Production: Zorba Paris
Managing Director: Olivier Mardi
Producer: Joyce Menger
Executive Producer: Julie Alcaraz
Compositing: Fabrice Thumerel
Copyright © 2023 Mathias de Garidel