Tchami (feat. Luke James)
World To Me

A short film where Sing J. Lee find a way of visualising his own struggle and reconciling with his heritage and culture - how it set him apart from the Western world around him, whilst he was growing up. A duality that stays intact in his head and in his heart.

The MV

The Process

Creating a MV is always challenging for all the crew inside the project but it’s also the right place to explore and test things. I’ve met the crazy warriors Sing and Kristof directly in Shanghai where we scouted different places where the story could take place.

We found a crazy badass mythic kitch KTV which needed only few features to be ready for a final touch. The second setup was inside a dirty NightClub where Kristof asked me to light it up with controlled bicolored LED ribbons. We bought an hundred of meters of LED, then we setup the red color on the upper part and the green color on the ground. With our crazy team, we took position on all sides of the set, then we plugged and unplugged the power cables to have the desired effect. After a few blisters in our hands, we were happy with the result.

Sing wanted to shoot some B-roll of glasswares and chemical mixs inside the club, so as a famous biologist, we brought a bunch of elements, ingredients and liquids and we installed a lab’ desk. Then Kristof the magician played with lenses, mirrors and glasses to get curious shots.

Art Director & Set Design

at Vice Noisey
for Partizan UK

Partizan Credit List

Director: Sing J. Lee
DOP: Kristof Brandl
Steadycamer: Remi Quilichini
First AD: Kaiwen Li
Producer: Laure Salgon
Executive Producer: Laura Jones
Post-Production: Gloria FX

Vice Noisey Credit List

Art & Set Design: Mathias de Garidel
Producers: Billy Starman & Kaiwen Li
AD Assistants: Karine Huang - Alima - Wenqian - Gavin J. - Erma - Arancia
Prod Assistants: Yerson, Stevo Sheng

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