Narciso Rodriguez
For Her
Between dream and reality, through mirrors and panels, we follow the footsteps of a woman lost in her thoughts and reveal the drawing power of the perfume.

The Movie

Our idea

The narrative was about travelling between dream and reality through reflections, and revealing sensuality through mirrors. By creating movement between characters and cameras, we focused on the woman who is looking for her deepest desires and the mysterious labyrinth guiding her senses and her feelings.

Art Director

at Zorba Paris
for Narciso Rodriguez

Zorba Paris Credit List

Director: Fabrice Minier
DOP: Antoine Carpentier
Creative Direction: Nans Noiron, Mathias de Garidel, Franck Desfieux
Set Design: Laure Satge, Valentine de Garidel
Gaffer: Erick Meurice

Production & Post-Production: Zorba Paris
Managing Director: Olivier Mardi
Producer: Joyce Menger
Executive Producer: Julie Alcaraz
Compositing: Fabrice Thumerel
Editor: Fabrice Minier
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