Maison Hellard
Identity, Digital, Print
Maison Hellard is a French linen merchant offering a timeless, masculine aesthetic combined with a soft hand for comfort and versatility, to suit every gentleman and every wardrobe, led by Nathan Hellard.

Nathan is a very good friend who has a particularly fine aura when it comes to men's textiles. When creating Maison Hellard, Nathan had a clear vision of what he wanted as a brand and who he wanted to be surrounded by.Our collaboration is a natural fit.
We take no detours when it comes to our aesthetic sensibilities and sense of humor. Nathan is an engaging character who believes in beautiful things, has a deep love of people who are committed to their craft and is the perfect ambassador for his roots, his terroir and his country.

My on going involvement has included the hand-drawn crest (based on the original design in Fairbairn's Crests book) and the creation of the logotype, the design of the labels, the design of the bundle and the finalisation of the artists' drawings before weaving.


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