Diesel #Go With The Flaw#
F/W 2017 collection reveal
Following the brand campaign, we come up with these ideas for the show happening in Beijing.

Not a perfect event.
Not a perfect venue.
No perfect guests.

Go With The Flaw is the slogan of the F/W 2017 collection's campaign, convincing that flaws are beautiful and make you unique.

Scenography & Art Direction

Art Director & Planner

at Auditoire Shanghai
for Diesel

Auditoire Shanghai Credit List

Planners: Mathias de Garidel, Alexia Mallet, Rebecca Chen
Art Direction: Mathias de Garidel
Creative Director: Penelope Guerineau

Managing Director: Antoine Gouin
Account Director: Jessie Li
Director of Operations: Charles Trigueros
Technical Supervision: Charles Trigueros
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